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I fell down on the way back from class today.

Protip: when walking down stairs, ensure they're not covered in a thin layer of ice which is in turn covered in a thin layer of slush.

If you absolutely have to walk down stairs in the above condition, at least try to have something around that's not concrete for your knees to smack into when you inevitably hit the ground.

Needless to say I failed at both the above crucial tasks.


Dec. 26th, 2007 07:17 am
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Am in England. Survived flight.

Managed to get us from Heathrow to the hotel without anyone dying or getting lost. \o/ We got off the bus in Hertford at what seems to have been a closed grocery store (Boxing Day, ahahahaha) and I said "Let's go THAT WAY *points* until we find a map, our hotel, or some poor innocent passerby willing to help out a pair of clueless tourists." (I'm paraphrasing.) Turns out the direction I was pointing happened to be exactly the way we needed to go to get to our hotel, which is AWESOME.* XDDDDD


*To clarify, although that fact is indeed awesome, the specific awesome thing I was discussing there was the hotel. Which is fucking fantastic. It's so pretty and clean and nice and and and Internetful! :D!

Edit: wonder nobody cares, it's not even 8 AM back home. Wow. Hello, jet lag. How are you today?

Edit again: Okay, and I passed a LAKE on the bus. Open water, with birds swimming in it. Not a speck of ice to be seen. This, you call winter? What the hell is wrong with this country? XD *snuggles England* ♥ Don't worry. I love you guys and your crazy-ass Christmas springtime.
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Those of you in colder climes will understand me when I say: four inches of perfectly dry, pristine packing snow over a layer of rock-hard, solid, smooth ice. Pyth's foot comes down on this. Pyth's foot goes: zoom! Pyth's ass goes: fallfallfallSMACK! Snow-covered ice goes: :D! Pyth goes: FUCK!

In other news, I totally kicked my philosophy exam's ass. *dances*
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Dear climate: when asked,
"Want acid rain in your tea?"
My answer was no.
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I've discovered that if I run around in not much more than a pair of shorts and a bra, the heat's pretty tolerable.

If only I'd been born a man, I could dispense with the bra and call this a respectable outfit.




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