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Tomorrow I am flying to California to hang out with Alicorn and her fiance until they get married near the end of September, at which point I shall fly back! Fun will be had. I am near-guaranteed to have internet access, but very likely to be frequently busy doin' stuff.


Aug. 27th, 2012 07:49 pm
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Just to head this off at the pass: if you hear anybody claiming that I get off on cleaning ovens, don't believe a word of it.

Relatedly, my hair smells like vinegar and my hands smell like baking soda.
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I can now go almost entire outings without clinging to my dad's hand for dear life! I've also fallen on my ass twice and broken nothing. ^__^
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So when I got on the bus today on the way home from work, a young woman sat down beside me. After a little while I noticed that she was embroidering something—it looked like a bookmark. Blue thread on white fabric. Some sort of rectangular shape repeating up the middle, dark at one end and lightening to a faint outline at the other, with a border of text around the outside. I smiled and went back to my book.

A little while later I glanced up again and noticed that it wasn't just any dark blue rectangular shape. It was a TARDIS. Still frames of a TARDIS in the act of vanishing. The letters around the edge said "VWORP VWORP VWORP".

I grinned. She noticed. I grinned more. She held up her TARDIS bookmark so I could see it properly. I grinned even more and nodded emphatically. We shared a smile. She returned to stitching the next VWORP and I returned to reading about a guy menacing elves with a crowbar, and that was that.

She got off the bus at the stop before mine. I happened to look out the window and see her as she walked away, and she happened to look back and see me, and I smiled and she smiled and I felt good about the world.

oh and

Dec. 10th, 2010 08:50 pm
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I'll be flying into London on the 25th/26th to stay with the delightful [ profile] cazrolime in Bath for a week-and-a-half-ish. In case, like, anyone cares.
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Yesterday, I went out shoe shopping with Dad!

For those of you just tuning in, Dad is a long-distance runner. So he gets all these coupons. This one was 30% off any single purchase at the Running Room—a store for running-related stuff like ridiculous aerodynamic shorts and technical fabric shirts that wick away sweat and make you stink like nothing else and, of course, shoes. Running shoes. Real running shoes designed to take you comfortably through a marathon.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of deliciously comfortable men's Asics that I hope will last me through several more years of long walks.

Dad wanted to go to a store he'd never visited before so that nobody he knew would see him buying men's shoes for his daughter, but it was a complete non-issue. The store employee spent a little time figuring out what size I was in men's shoes (eight and a half or nine), and that was that. No trouble, no fuss. *draws hearts on her in retrospect*
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I walked twenty kilometers today.

I have muscle soreness in places I didn't know I had muscles.

I feel accomplished but exhausted.
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*sidles in*

So I went back to school this fall and took exactly one class. It's over. I kicked its ass and had tons of fun. :D

Also, my dad and his girlfriend got a new bed, so they gave me their old one. I now have a king-size bed. It takes up like half my room and delights me endlessly. :D :D

Yeah, that's pretty much the extent of the news in Pythville. Oh, and I got new winter boots. They gave me a blister and yet, paradoxically, I think they're quite comfy.
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Aug. 26th, 2009 06:51 am
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1. Everyone who has my address: now you don't, 'cause I'm moving tomorrow.

2. Everyone who will be surprised if I'm offline for a few days: the Internet at the new place will, barring accidents, be up on Saturday. I'll be back then. I probably won't be around much for the rest of today and I definitely won't be around much tomorrow.
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Went to see Quintotrek again, with Dad!

Showing was at 5:50. We left the house at 5:40. Jogged the first eighth or so of the trip, speed-walked the rest of the way, arrived barely past 6:00.

The jogging at the start was perhaps unwise, because my dad is a long-distance runner and I... am not. I kept pace with him for two minutes, and my reward is an ache in my throat, just behind dead centre of my collarbone, every time I take a deep breath. D:

On the other hand, Quintotrek: even better the second time through. HELL YEAH.
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Today, I bought jeans.

They are comfortable and roomy, in case my antidepressants decide to expand me further. They were also sold as capris, but half an hour with a pair of nail-clippers undid the stitching pinning the hems up, and after I wash them once to get the creases out I doubt the marks of that rough surgery will ever be visible again.

Edit: The last three posts on my journal use this glee icon. This is in no way indicative of my general mood lately, but it's still a good thing. *cuddles the universe*
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Today, I bought pants.

That statement is true no matter what continent you read it on.

Ain't life fun?

(shut up, this is totally worth blogging about)
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I did it!

Man, I'm tired.

But there's something very life-affirming about taking a long-ass walk just because you can, eating lunch and watching a movie by yourself along the way.
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On a scale from one to "what the fuck is wrong with you", how crazy am I for planning to walk a little more than five kilometers to go see a movie by myself tomorrow?

Note to self: 1:20 and 4:20 are your likeliest showtimes, 7:20 in a pinch. Be willing to take the subway back. Also, you're a fool.
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Went and visited my grandparents today.

My grandpa thinks anyone who supports liberal politics is the "lunatic fringe".

On the other hand, we made crepes and went for a long walk and it was awesome as long as nobody was talking about politics.

All in all, :D.
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Went to Fan Expo.

Saw the Smallville panel. Michael Rosenbaum has hair. Didn't stay to hear him talk about Smallville, 'cause I was really just there to have the experience of recognizing someone in the flesh who I have seen on a television series. There I go. Woohoo. *waves little flag*

So. Exhausted. It's past midnight and I've been up since nine. I was supposed to write a thousand words today... yeah, no. Probably not tomorrow either. But I did get some original fic done! Woohoo! *waves little flag*

In the realm of bizarre queries I have for y'all: if for no apparent reason I wanted to build gloves that extended meter-long claws from the ends of my fingers at the push of a button / vigorous gesture / other appropriate control mechanism, how do you think I would go about doing that? For those of you who know Fullmetal Alchemist canon: Duct Tape Lust with telescopic fingernails. Best idea ever Y/N? (now I'm off to google "how to build a corset out of black duct tape"... wish me luck.)

ps: if this entry is not coherent, I apologize for nothing. Like I said. It's twenty after midnight and I've been up since nine.
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This still goes.


I did eat an actual meal today, though. Pizza! Woo!

Now I just need to figure out this whole "getting to sleep on time" thing and I'll be golden...

PS: Saw 21. Iron Man was better.

PPS: Someday I swear I'll start posting actual content to this thing again. Really.



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