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But holy shit, you guys, it worked.

(#MooreandMe post. May contain triggery material in post or comments—I can't keep the full details in my head right now because my thoughtpole count is still a little screwed.)
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aaaaaaaaa Keith Olbermann*

I have been slowly destroying myself with this whole #mooreandme business on Twitter

between the emotional impact and the excuse to skip basic necessities like food and light therapy in favour of retweeting like it is going out of fucking style, it has just not been good

but I do it anyway, because some small part of me cherishes the faint hope that my contributions might in some way matter

I should fucking quit that

like I told my mother so many times, you are better able to care for other people if you first care for yourself

I mean look at me, all my punctuation has fallen off

/gets a broom
/sweeps it into a pile
. ... ..

*also my ability to decide if a thing should have a trigger warning on it is not reliable right now, so please consider context and be cautious with your clicking
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This is still a thing.

A thing that is making me cry a little. That kind of a thing.

Trigger warning from last post still stands.



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