Sep. 25th, 2011 12:11 pm
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for those of you who haven't caught wind of this yet, sometimes I bake pie with my friends.

yesterday I baked pie with [livejournal.com profile] sabotabby and [livejournal.com profile] cupric_acetate

here is the pie that we baked:

here is the recipe for the pie:

it is delicious )
I'm told this recipe is easily veganized; for details, check the comments in Sabs' post.
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I did granola bars again! They don't really resemble granola bars. I'm not sure what the fuck they are, in fact, but they're tasty so I'm calling it a win overall. Here is a recipe.

a recipe )

My list of things I want to do differently next time is longer than the recipe itself. XD
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"Recipe" for mutant bastard offspring of banana pie, Nutella pie, brownies, and crumble.

Some leftover dough from the all-butter crust recipe here, or really from any pie crust/other random dough recipe you feel like following; results may vary depending on what you use.
Sliced bananas
Brown sugar
Hot chocolate powder, or cocoa powder
Fruit juice of any kind (I used kiwi-raspberry, because I had it)
Stuff you have lying around your kitchen

DO NOT BE FOOLED. The last ingredient is actually the most important one. )

THE RESULTS: Fucking delicious. A little too chocolatey, though.

THINGS I INTEND TO DO DIFFERENTLY NEXT TIME: Ease back on the cocoa powder, maybe even eliminate it entirely. Up the ratio of crumbly-crust-dough to everything-else. Figure out at what point in the goo production process it's time to turn the oven on. Think of something else to add in to increase deliciousness. Name the recipe something cooler, or at least shorter, than Mutant Bastard Chocolate Banana Brownie Crumble Pie. Chocolate-Banana Mongrel?
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I've been told it would be worthwhile to post my "recipe" for chocolate tea on the Internet.

I put "recipe" in sarcasm quotes because it's not so much a recipe as it is an idea.

What you do is this:

Make tea. The kind that takes milk, preferably, although I've had good results with peppermint.

Add milk-- probably a little more than you usually would; it also helps to be making it in a giant-ass mug.

Add (this is where genius happens) chocolate sauce, of the kind normal people make hot chocolate with. (You can also use the powder but it's kind of icky esp. if you aren't putting milk in.)

I also add maple syrup but that's because I'm irredeemably Canadian; YMMV. Honey's good.


I'm pretty sure the proportions are best arrived at by experimentation; I tend to use one or two spoonfuls of chocolate and one or two spoonfuls of honey/syrup, but how big a spoonful is varies with what spoon I'm using. Deliciousness will result pretty much no matter how you do it, anyways.



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