Sep. 25th, 2011 12:11 pm
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for those of you who haven't caught wind of this yet, sometimes I bake pie with my friends.

yesterday I baked pie with [livejournal.com profile] sabotabby and [livejournal.com profile] cupric_acetate

here is the pie that we baked:

here is the recipe for the pie:

it is delicious )
I'm told this recipe is easily veganized; for details, check the comments in Sabs' post.
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I did granola bars again! They don't really resemble granola bars. I'm not sure what the fuck they are, in fact, but they're tasty so I'm calling it a win overall. Here is a recipe.

a recipe )

My list of things I want to do differently next time is longer than the recipe itself. XD
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Vidders on my flist!

Can you recommend some free video editing software that doesn't crash as often as Windows Movie Maker?

The ability to actually choose which frame to split my clips at would also be quite nice.

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...fandom? The Internet? Humanity at large? Whatever.

Point is, this SurveyFail kerfluffle resulted in an academic with no previous exposure to fandom* getting into the game to the point of writing a blog post exploring nature/nurture as a slash pairing allegorically.

Not to mention the co-blogger who was charmingly enthusiastic about fandom's willingness to engage, discuss, reflect, yammer, meta, flame, criticize, and argue.

D'aww. I feel like we should be rolling out a welcome mat or something. Possibly engraved with slashfic which pairs two unlikely abstracts or inanimate objects (check the comments on the third link for context).

—Hey, I wonder what that says about the definition of slash: can we slash things that don't have innate genders, like furniture and celestial bodies? Do we have to assign them human gender roles first?

If we don't, can it still be slash even if it technically doesn't involve any males or females and therefore can't be considered homoerotic? Or does (gender nonapplicable)/(gender nonapplicable) count as a homosexual pairing? What if you assign gender to one participant and not the other?

Also, does anyone know where I can find porn of the Ringworld and the Smoke Ring? I wonder if they're lesbians, like bagels. Bonus points for reinterpreting the meteor defence system as some kind of sexual apparatus. Guided solar flares are sexy.

*I'm not totally sure about the 'no previous ties' part, and I'm willing to be corrected. But it sure seems that way at first glance.

Edited shortly after posting: Gogo participation in the gender binary, Pyth. The most interesting question raised here, which I thought of when rereading my previous list of questions, is this: does slash, defined loosely as homosexual fan erotica or romance, include queer pairings between human or humanoid characters s who identify as neither male nor female? I'm going to say yes, and leave open the question of whether that extends to entities with no human gender at all.

PS: Now I want fic where the Moon is genderqueer. Pairings with the Earth or the Sun and/or linking changes in gender perception (self- or societal) with lunar phase are optional. Wow, can you tell I like possibilities in bulk?
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I was originally going to post the following as an entry unrelated to the meme, with the title "why I shouldn't be allowed to draw things", and then chickened out of it. I was also originally going to make this meme post saying that I'm sure something made me happy today, but I can't remember what. Thank you, LJ, for having autosaved drafts and making my life so much simpler.
[livejournal.com profile] adiva_calandia, this reminds me of a thread we had once...


There's context, but it... really doesn't make anything better.
Anybody who wants the meme, the rules are "post about something that made you happy today; repeat for eight days; tag eight people (optionally) to do the same." Go.



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