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2015-09-04 07:56 am


Tumblr just rolled out an update that makes a few things better while incidentally making the site totally inaccessible for what seems to be a non-negligible fraction of its userbase.

Not that that sounds familiar or anything.

Hello friends! How are you? What have you been up to?
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2015-01-27 08:48 pm

It occurred to me that many of you might get some use out of this

I wrote a script, and then somebody else wrote a much handier if less pretty version, and then I improved on that. The latest version on offer in that thread, in case you don't want to click through, is this:

On any Dreamwidth page, if you're logged in, it sticks a button in the top right corner of your browser window that opens a nifty little sidebar showing your icons page sorted by keyword. Untested-and-probably-broken if you have enough icons that your icon page has multiple pages.

There's also this, which is what apparently happens when a lot of people who aren't Dreamwidth RPers start reading a lot of dreamwidth RP; it's a userstyle that flattens comment threads so they don't keep drifting off to the right. I have to remember to turn it off when I'm reading something where nesting matters, but it's pretty handy for long single threads, and long single threads is most of what I read these days.

*flops over* okay that's all my coherence for the day, goodnight internet
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2014-08-19 05:06 pm

for those of you who haven't heard and might want to know

Tomorrow I am flying to California to hang out with Alicorn and her fiance until they get married near the end of September, at which point I shall fly back! Fun will be had. I am near-guaranteed to have internet access, but very likely to be frequently busy doin' stuff.
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2014-06-27 06:50 am

Doing the new meds dance

This post may not be terribly coherent and I'm about to tell you why -

New brain drugs (well, not really brain drugs, more drug drugs) supposed to help deal with my perpetual state of debilitating exhaustion.

Day 1: Noticeable massive boost in general energy levels, but cognitive energy still low. Huge trouble getting to sleep.

Day 2: Surprisingly okay despite being so low on sleep; nevertheless, tried skipping my light to see if it would help me get to sleep on time. It mostly didn't.

Day 3 (today): Groggy as fuck. Decided not to skip light. Groggy as fuck anyway, but I think I'm slowly coming out of it. As before, body energy is outpacing brain energy, but this time there's much less of either. I anticipate a day of not doing much. I will try my very best to go to bed very early. I wish people would not watch Netflix loudly in the living room while I'm trying to sleep.

Mostly I'm just hoping that today is a break in the pattern as opposed to a new, shittier stage of it. Maybe if I stay tired all day I'll actually be able to get to sleep at 10...
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2014-05-03 10:07 pm

Some things that have been going on in my life

  • I foolishly signed up for [ profile] norsebigbang with the vague intention of producing a sequel to if he be worthy. I have 640 words written. I am likely to default by the first deadline, which is 1000 words by May 20th. Oh well.

  • I just spent about a week and a half alone in the house, because everyone else was on a trip to nearby regions of the States. Conclusions reached: It is way easier to leave my bedroom when I don't fear encountering anyone scary; I apparently find my stepfamily scary in this way; it is way harder to stay fed and watered when there is no one else around to make food for me when I can't. All in all, I think I would probably prefer living on my own if I had any way to support myself (I don't) and could reasonably predict that I wouldn't neglect myself to death for sheer lack of energy (as proven over the course of the past week, this is every bit the real danger I have been thinking it was).

  • I haven't forgotten about demon porn! Except for that brief moment when I actually literally forgot I had written demon porn and was thinking I hadn't written any porn in years. But no, I do still occasionally think about it, and at some point if I ever again have the time and the brain I will keep on writing it.
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2014-04-19 09:56 am

I saw Cap 2!




that's pretty much all i have to say XD
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2014-01-30 03:53 pm

I did a thing!

I got myself a Slack, because Slack is cool. If you feel like being a member of the Pythian sounding board - which basically means you get to see bits of my writing before they are released to the general public and listen to me mutter about my plotting, characterization, and excessive love of spreadsheets - just tell me what email address I should send an invite to. :D

Edit: Now that I have a little more brain going, a slightly more sensible explanation: Slack is a communication tool meant for smallish companies. A Slack instance is more or less a private collection of chatrooms with a bunch of really handy features. I'm using mine to blather about current and future fic or writing projects, including demon porn and the Sword of No.
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2010-05-03 06:54 am

Some of you may have noticed this already:

I did a fic! And now I have even posted it and everything!

My journal layout is still very much in the "half-assed" stages of development, by the way. In case you were wondering.
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2009-06-11 08:58 am

*slaps an "Under Construction" sign across this journal, again*

Layout under construction. Will look ugly and strange until I'm done. Don't bother dropping by. XD
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2009-04-30 10:38 am

(no subject)


My layout kind of doesn't look like shit!

Carry on.
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2009-04-26 05:00 pm

ATTN subscribers: don't click this entry. Or read my journal at all until further notice.

No, I mean it. XD

I'm busy hacking up a layout for this journal, which means it will look absolutely godawful until I'm done, and since there's no actual content around here there's no reason to go offending your eyes with my half-finished code. Yes? Yes.

*shoos you all away*
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2009-04-19 02:51 pm


I recoloured this layout in a way that halfway doesn't suck! Go me.

Later when I have brain I might actually, y'know, customize it a little. Maybe.
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2009-04-19 12:10 pm




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2009-04-19 07:00 am

Aw man.

I itch to start customizing layouts over here.

*putters around looking for the appropriate place to volunteer*

ETA: Hmm. I might sit on that for a little while, actually.