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So it all started with a dream about banging a demon, and now it is 3600 words of Actual Legit Original Fic You Guys, periodically going up on my tumblr under the oh-so-descriptive demon porn dream tag. (It still contains no actual porn, but there is an increasing amount of naked demon parts!) At some point I might put it somewhere else. Somewhere with, like, comments.

edit: Like AO3! Say hello to Practical Demonology. :D
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I dreamed I was sexually assaulted by a boat.

No, it didn't make all that much more sense than you are imagining.

Also, the boat was a subway train - I waited for it on what was basically a subway platform extended over the surface of an underground lake. That part was actually pretty cool in a dream logic sort of way.

I'm adding this to the pile of "things I have dreamed that really seem like they should have been nightmares but were actually just funny". I mean, a boat, you guys. XDDD


Jun. 27th, 2013 07:35 am
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So first I had an absolutely fascinating dream involving an ancient gate to some kind of hell dimension that was going to kill a bunch of people to unleash hell on Earth, and in the dream I was one of the prospective sacrifices and I had to run around and find a magical artifact with which to destroy the gate before it could suck out my soul. There was some eldritch chanting involved.

Then I woke up, and it just so happened that the way I had left my computer chair angled last night made its silhouette against my window look exactly like an enormous penis. This was literally almost the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes. I was somewhat confused until I figured out what was going on.

Ladies, gentlemen, and assorted vertebrates: my life.
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Gather 'round, my lovelies, 'cause have I got a story for you.

Okay, so last night I had this dream, whose introductory sequence involved being eternally stuck on a subway platform while the same train arrived, let everybody on, and then circled back around to let us off at the same platform. Only it was actually a different train every time. And sometimes it was being operated by an enormous green ogre with glowing red eyes.

Uh, anyway, that's not relevant to the major part.

The major part is that my brain then proceeded to give me not only all the setup but also significant aftermath for a hardcore nightmare structured around Alice Cooper's 'Welcome to my Nightmare' album and its sequels, but completely failed to deliver the actual product in between.

This is about how it went down:

welcome to my nightmare~ )

This isn't the first time my brain has promised me something and then failed to deliver, but dammit, it would have been so great. Also, I want that nightmare coordinator to become a recurring character. Next time I see her, I am going to demand she fucking scare me already.
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I dreamed cake.


This cake was chocolate-hazelnut, and it was made in a pie dish. There was a layer of brownie, and then on top of that a layer of something cake-ier, and on top of that a layer of ice cream under a hard chocolate shell. It looked like something rising muddily out of the deepest depths of hell, and it tasted like a chocolatey orgasm.

i wanna make one. XD
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I had another awesome SF/F dream.

This time, I was more or less me, i.e. neither twelve years old nor blue-eyed. I had a slightly different power, too. It worked like this:
PYTH: Hey guys. Who here thinks I can send them walking up an invisible staircase?

SOME PEOPLE: *raise hands tentatively*

PYTH: *picks one*

HAPLESS GUINEA PIG: *attempts to walk up nonexistent invisible staircase; trips, falls flat on face*

PYTH: All right, how about you? *picks another one*

HAPLESS GUINEA PIG #2: *puts foot on invisible step; starts climbing into thin air*

PYTH: See? I told you!

CROWD: *very impressed*

PYTH: *starts leading them all up the invisible staircase, which turns more and more solid as it goes, eventually becoming a perfectly visible pathway in midair paved with cobblestones and lined with railings on both sides*
The deal is, I was using the power of their belief to make the invisible staircase real. The first person gullible enough to think that there was something to it proved the existence of the staircase to the rest of them, thereby solidifying it enough that I could lead all the rest up onto it and take them on a hike across the sky.

Is this or is this not the most fucking awesome thing?
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  • My dad came back from his six-week trip to China! He is on the phone telling my uncle hilarious stories about it.
  • Last night I dreamed in epic sci-fi. That's not really out of the ordinary. It was pretty sweet, though; first I was Temperance Brennan rescuing an alien civilization from... something... and then I was an annoying twelve-year-old boy with blue eyes setting up (well, more like taking over) an expedition to rescue a suspiciously similar alien civilization from a suspiciously similar thing.

    As a twelve-year-old boy I also had psychic powers, specifically the ability to use other people's thoughts to change the world. That sounds vague and bizarre, and it really is; in the dream I knew that my powers worked under a perfectly logical set of rules, but I had no idea what they were. I pretty much played it by ear. I remember locating the aliens' planet using a note one of them had written saying they were all doomed because nobody was coming to their rescue, and I remember holding hands with two or three people-- also, I think, twelve-year-old boys-- who were part of an organization that I think was trying to make money off rescuing the aliens.

    I used their thoughts to translocate the whole group of us into orbit, build an entire functioning spaceship around us with the power of my mind, and set us on course for the alien planet. Then I woke up.

    No, I have no idea what the hell we were rescuing the aliens from. It didn't seem important.

    Oh, and I also remember demanding payment-- I pointed to one of the guys with the organization and said I wanted to be paid exactly the amount of money he, personally, had spent on this endeavour. He laughed and said he hadn't spent any money yet. My response? "Well, that's not very poetic."
  • I'm still offering two thousand icons to anybody who gets me a STARFIGHTER shirt! I promise I'll shut up about that eventually.
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For reasons that completely escape me, last night I dreamed about a casual acquaintance of mine from high school whom I haven't seen in at least four years. Well, okay, that happens a lot; I was at that school for more than half my life, so it left a big impression on me, and I tend to dream about people I knew there even if I didn't actually know that specific person all that well.

What doesn't happen a lot is dreaming that $HIGH_SCHOOL_FRIEND is now a male prostitute.
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Dreaming you're Ogata Rin is awesome.

Especially when the rest of the dream largely concerns some kind of space station with centrifugal pseudo-gravity (all the floors curve up) wherein you can travel forward or backward through time by walking (or riding your RideBack) spinward or antispinward.

There was also some stuff about having adventures and shit, but mostly all I remember is that I was a ballet dancer riding a motorcycle with arms in space. And it was awesome.

Wait what.

Apr. 14th, 2009 07:06 am
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I had a dream populated with incredibly true-to-life versions of people from my old high school.

Premise: I was back there for a day or two to make a fool of myself repeatedly in a variety of utterly bizarre ways perform in a school play with a bunch of other people, all of whom had also graduated.

So many things are wrong with this picture. )
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I dreamed I was a man-- I mean, physically.

That wasn't the bizarre part.

No, the bizarre part came after that. )

Some effort has been made to preserve the pure nonsensicality of the original, but even just remembering it in order to tell the story, my brain forces some semblance of coherency onto it as a self-defense mechanism. I completely omitted the long, detailed chase scene in search of CGB before the start of the retelling, for example. It made no sense in the very literal way where two consecutive moments did not necessarily happen in the same place or concern the same objects at all.



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