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So it all started with a dream about banging a demon, and now it is 3600 words of Actual Legit Original Fic You Guys, periodically going up on my tumblr under the oh-so-descriptive demon porn dream tag. (It still contains no actual porn, but there is an increasing amount of naked demon parts!) At some point I might put it somewhere else. Somewhere with, like, comments.

edit: Like AO3! Say hello to Practical Demonology. :D
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And I finished an actual chapter. I think. It desperately needs a flashback before I will be willing to put it on AO3, and I am going to have to do something about the HTML or I may cry, but generally... yep, it's a chapter. With words in. Yay?

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so after Avengers it was clear that somebody was going to need to make a Bruce/Tony/Pepper threesome happen

darling bff and I took on this noble task

this is what I have written so far:

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and has been edited a bit, so I'm just going to... repost the whole thing

because I'm a lazy sod

deal with it

spoilers: BBC Sherlock, mainly the second season finale

warnings: gross corpse stuff; sex with thunderstorms? is that a warning or a kink? i don't know!

and it still doesn't have a title )
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work in progress

some... number... of words

spoilers through Reichenbach

gross corpse stuff

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a bunch of people wanted this and i'm too lazy to compose like five different emails



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