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So yeah, I've imported my LJ to Dreamwidth and set up crossposting. Now to see what horrors this is going to wreak on my tags.
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This post is a record of my reactions to episode 2 of Bloody Monday, recorded as I watched through the highly scientific method of having Notepad open and typing furiously.

If you want to know what the fuck I'm talking about, read Eric's Bloody Monday rec post. Actually, do that anyway. It's awesome.

Notes on nomenclature: The main character, Takagi Fujimaru, is forever known to me as Fuckwin-kun for reasons that will become delightfully obvious if you watch the show. Everyone else I name based on their most obvious defining characteristics or memorably hilarious actions, some of which took place in Episode 1, so you'd better go watch that. Sometimes, unexpectedly, I remember and use a character's actual name. This usually doesn't last any longer than thirty seconds after I hear it spoken, and sometimes not even until then.

In case it's not sufficiently obvious from context: this post is filled with delicious spoilers for Bloody Monday episode 2.

But seriously, unless you're Eric (or have seen Bloody Monday I guess), don't even bother reading this. It will make no sense. )



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