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I have not been rationing my time at all thoughtfully.

I'm pretty sure I can still handle taking two courses this semester, but it won't be a fun ride.
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I'm not going to look back at my "stuff I plan to do in 2009" tag and see how well I did. That's not the point.

I learned something this past year. It would be more accurate to say "I am learning something", because I still haven't figured it all out and I still haven't quite taken it to heart. It's not a lesson that's easy to put into words, but when have I ever let that stop me?

It is this: I am the person who chooses what I do with my time. If I have something to do, it will get done when I decide to do it.

It is also this: letting myself get caught up in worrying over wasted time is largely useless. I can't change what I did an hour ago, and quite often I can't change what I'm going to do in an hour, but I can change what I'm doing right now.

I've learned that sometimes I tend to procrastinate by doing things I don't actually enjoy, and I can make myself both happier and more productive by cutting that shit out. I've learned that keeping myself away from a good book for the sake of getting things done is sustainable over an hour, but not a day. (Keeping myself away from a bad book comes under things I don't actually enjoy.) Those are details, though.

The main point is, like I said above, the person who decides how I use my time is me. That doesn't sound like a huge revelation, but it is. I'm still working through the implications.

In the coming year, I hope I will make that decision more thoughtfully.



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