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Today, I bought pants! And socks! And a bra!


My old purse has served me well for the past decade; I fully expect the new one to last at least that long. It has structural integrity. I had no end of fun trotting around the mall carefully examining all available purses for the method by which their straps were secured. I'd look at one and in my mind's eye I would see it five years down the line dropping straight off my shoulder under the weight of three or four books. I asked of these purses, not how good they look now, but how good they will look when I have stuffed them with heavy objects and beat them to shit for a year or two.

This one said, "You'll still love me."

And I totally will.

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Today, I bought jeans.

They are comfortable and roomy, in case my antidepressants decide to expand me further. They were also sold as capris, but half an hour with a pair of nail-clippers undid the stitching pinning the hems up, and after I wash them once to get the creases out I doubt the marks of that rough surgery will ever be visible again.

Edit: The last three posts on my journal use this glee icon. This is in no way indicative of my general mood lately, but it's still a good thing. *cuddles the universe*
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Today, I bought pants.

That statement is true no matter what continent you read it on.

Ain't life fun?

(shut up, this is totally worth blogging about)



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