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Okay, so I've totally nixed the "daily stairs" goal. Goodbye, daily stairs. You were invigorating, but hell on my knees.

It has been replaced with a training schedule that is, according to my dad, the most efficient possible way to get in shape. Basically, it goes like this: divide the week into fourteen half-days. Exercise four times a week, in two heavy sessions and two light. A heavy session should be followed by three rest periods; a light session should be followed by two. As long as you can arrange your schedule around that regimen, you're golden.

Kicking January's ass didn't go as well as I hoped it would, but it wasn't a total flop, either. February almost got the jump on me, but I'm in the process of fixing my sleep schedule and I'm starting light therapy. We'll see.

Daily productivity? Oh baby am I ever productive. Mostly fic for the Gundam 00 anonymous kink meme. Don't hold your breath for me to publicly own up to which fics I've written over there; I respect the institution of anonymity too much to do that.

Oh, and I've been making icons. Ten guesses for what fandom and the first nine don't count.

In other news, I did a meme. A gender roles meme.

Cut for quiz result. )

That was my second result; the first time through, I got a clear answer of "feminine". This is bullshit. Most of the traits that weighted my initial result in favour of womanhood are either results of my depression, side effects of being a nice person, or both. Because only men can be assholes, right? *facepalm*
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To-do list for tomorrow:


-don't eat cake. Not even if it is delicious.

-don't stay up past midnight

-hack [ profile] locked_room's layout some more


-icon Ali or icon Lockon or colour HUG, but definitely at least one of those three

-I said no cake, dammit

This... turned out more of a "to-not-do" list.

ETA: I accomplished precisely one thing on that list!

On the other hand, I didn't let January wipe the floor with me over it. Sure, I'm a little disappointed in myself, but tomorrow is another day and it can always be a better one.
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Yesterday I kept up the habit of walking up the stairs in the morning after breakfast but before shower. Seems to be working well. I think I'll do it again today.

I'm also gonna take another day off Hell Underground to make icons. ALI AL SAACHEZ~~~ is calling to me!
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So far I've missed one going-up-stairs day out of four, and I walked from here to Bay and College and back so I think I'll count that one as an equivalent.

This resolutions thing is going pretty well so far.

Still alive. Paying attention. Doing useful, helpful, productive things every day - mostly they are the pages of Hell Underground I'm colouring for my weekly quota, but this is not a bad thing. I think today, though, I will take the day off colouring to fic and icon instead. This serves two purposes. One, it stops me hurting my back as I crouch and squint at the colours. Two, it means that the two pages I have in the works will be finished this week instead of last week, so even if I get no new lineart this week or fail to colour the lineart I get I will still be "on schedule". I'm a sneaky fucking bastard.

Oh, and three (bonus!), I might end up fulfilling my first [ profile] icon_pythagoras icon request and that will make me happy. :D
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This is what January means:

I spill a box of cereal on the floor and the guilt/embarrassment of that wrongdoing physically stops me from moving or speaking for almost a minute.

The implications of what might happen if I actually did something legitimately bad are terrifying.

On the other hand, I'm wise to the ridiculousness of this by now, and I broke out of it instead of fleeing back to my room to cry and be miserable for a few hours.
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January is heavy.

It's pressing down on the top of my head trying to squash me flat.

I'm not going to let it.
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I usually don't make New Year's resolutions, partly because I'm terrible at keeping them and partly because I figure it doesn't matter when you make the resolution as long as you stick to it.

Nevertheless, this time around, I seem to have accrued a basketful of the things.

Stuff I plan to do in 2009 )



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