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If "three hundred icons of Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane" sounds like the kind of thing you would be interested in, I ask you to step right this way.


Mar. 16th, 2011 10:41 am
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1. an RP thing

2. the fic from which it derives is called refractive index and is full of wrong and heartbreak. It is an AU of Lake where the Stark boys stayed in New York. It is currently 3771 words of which the last three are "New York rain", and contains character death, nonconsensual vampirification and creepy mutually coercive makeouts. It is not finished yet. Who wants a look? I can email out the current version.

3. sometimes I wonder what I am doing with my life. I wonder it especially hard when I have to spend thirty seconds pondering whether "ephebophilia" applies when the object of the relevant affection is eighteen years old. (I decided it just barely doesn't.) (This does not really make Obadiah Stane any less creepy.)

4. if enough people want a boo at this I may end up with a third WIP mailing list, the first two being Butterflies and Lake. what is my life.

5. maybe my capital letters will come back if I have a shower.
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The Delightometer

Legend )

In this depiction, the delightometer has been overwhelmed by an excess of delight, and its pointing arm has gone twirling off into the great unknown, trailing confused punctuation.


Oct. 7th, 2009 05:44 pm
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(game is high-maintenance but illegally cute, so join if you have daily free time and want a virtual kitty or puppy of your very own)
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I had another awesome SF/F dream.

This time, I was more or less me, i.e. neither twelve years old nor blue-eyed. I had a slightly different power, too. It worked like this:
PYTH: Hey guys. Who here thinks I can send them walking up an invisible staircase?

SOME PEOPLE: *raise hands tentatively*

PYTH: *picks one*

HAPLESS GUINEA PIG: *attempts to walk up nonexistent invisible staircase; trips, falls flat on face*

PYTH: All right, how about you? *picks another one*

HAPLESS GUINEA PIG #2: *puts foot on invisible step; starts climbing into thin air*

PYTH: See? I told you!

CROWD: *very impressed*

PYTH: *starts leading them all up the invisible staircase, which turns more and more solid as it goes, eventually becoming a perfectly visible pathway in midair paved with cobblestones and lined with railings on both sides*
The deal is, I was using the power of their belief to make the invisible staircase real. The first person gullible enough to think that there was something to it proved the existence of the staircase to the rest of them, thereby solidifying it enough that I could lead all the rest up onto it and take them on a hike across the sky.

Is this or is this not the most fucking awesome thing?
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I was originally going to post the following as an entry unrelated to the meme, with the title "why I shouldn't be allowed to draw things", and then chickened out of it. I was also originally going to make this meme post saying that I'm sure something made me happy today, but I can't remember what. Thank you, LJ, for having autosaved drafts and making my life so much simpler.
[ profile] adiva_calandia, this reminds me of a thread we had once...


There's context, but it... really doesn't make anything better.
Anybody who wants the meme, the rules are "post about something that made you happy today; repeat for eight days; tag eight people (optionally) to do the same." Go.
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You know, with all the people talking about how it's twisted to identify with and admire Rorschach, I had to take a step back and ask myself why he doesn't bother me that much.

...I was going to write a whole post comparing him to Chainsaw, but I foolishly looked up "Heroic Sociopath" on TV Tropes in order to make a witty link about Rorschach's mental problems. Then I discovered that he's not actually that guy. Four hours later I have determined that he is in fact this guy (ETA: or maybe this one I swear I'll stop now), and completely forgotten my original point in the process.

Fuck TV Tropes.

*Okay, so it isn't anymore.
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I have new glasses!

I can see things that are far away without squinting and turning my head in funny directions!

I need to get out of the habit of leaning in really close to stuff to make it look clearer, because I don't have to do that anymore!

This is cause for four whole exclamation points! COUNT 'EM, FOUR! ...wait.

Why do I have no icons of people with glasses on? I'm a dumbass, carry on.


Feb. 20th, 2009 09:04 am
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[ profile] kali921 asked me to make a macro out of this icon.

I made nine.

Here's my favourites. )

Borders not part of the images, they're just added to make them break my layout slightly less enthusiastically.

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Discovering an important truth about having a decent work ethic in the morning (namely, that the only way to get good at finishing projects is to start finishing your damn projects - shocking, I know); spending four hours of the afternoon mired in TV Tropes articles, consciously aware of the fact that I was procrastinating shamelessly but not motivated to do anything about it.
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"Recipe" for mutant bastard offspring of banana pie, Nutella pie, brownies, and crumble.

Some leftover dough from the all-butter crust recipe here, or really from any pie crust/other random dough recipe you feel like following; results may vary depending on what you use.
Sliced bananas
Brown sugar
Hot chocolate powder, or cocoa powder
Fruit juice of any kind (I used kiwi-raspberry, because I had it)
Stuff you have lying around your kitchen

DO NOT BE FOOLED. The last ingredient is actually the most important one. )

THE RESULTS: Fucking delicious. A little too chocolatey, though.

THINGS I INTEND TO DO DIFFERENTLY NEXT TIME: Ease back on the cocoa powder, maybe even eliminate it entirely. Up the ratio of crumbly-crust-dough to everything-else. Figure out at what point in the goo production process it's time to turn the oven on. Think of something else to add in to increase deliciousness. Name the recipe something cooler, or at least shorter, than Mutant Bastard Chocolate Banana Brownie Crumble Pie. Chocolate-Banana Mongrel?
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[ profile] lienne: on the other hand, when I go to a completely new place my brain tends to assign a completely arbitrary "north" and orient me according to that standard
[ profile] cazrolime: xD
[ profile] cazrolime: Mine does that too
[ profile] lienne: it's easy in Toronto because we have the lake and the CN Tower
Three guesses where that mention leads, and the first two don't count. )
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I've been told it would be worthwhile to post my "recipe" for chocolate tea on the Internet.

I put "recipe" in sarcasm quotes because it's not so much a recipe as it is an idea.

What you do is this:

Make tea. The kind that takes milk, preferably, although I've had good results with peppermint.

Add milk-- probably a little more than you usually would; it also helps to be making it in a giant-ass mug.

Add (this is where genius happens) chocolate sauce, of the kind normal people make hot chocolate with. (You can also use the powder but it's kind of icky esp. if you aren't putting milk in.)

I also add maple syrup but that's because I'm irredeemably Canadian; YMMV. Honey's good.


I'm pretty sure the proportions are best arrived at by experimentation; I tend to use one or two spoonfuls of chocolate and one or two spoonfuls of honey/syrup, but how big a spoonful is varies with what spoon I'm using. Deliciousness will result pretty much no matter how you do it, anyways.



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