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Okay, I'll give this one a better-late-than-never nibble:
Give me two characters and a prompt (or not) and I will write porn.
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Two arts!

...There is context.

The context is: so I've got [personal profile] bitofafiction at [community profile] rakuen. They have a uniform. Sherry Holmes does not like uniforms. Sherry Holmes is a rebel. Sherry Holmes is perfectly capable of deciding to rebel by wearing a uniform, just not the one they meant him to...

Also that's Tony's jacket in the second one, which he arrived wearing. I am the furthest thing from subtle.

Also also, I can't draw hair. Or arms. Or faces.
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Who on LJ do you ship me with? Bonus points for outlining the ridiculous AU fic that you would write about us.

you can ship me with aaaaaanyone you like

including [ profile] cazrolime, even though that one's canon :D
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Not because I intend to actually write any meta about porn, but because [ profile] vinnie_tesla has written a lot of it, and it's awesome and I've spent most of today reading his journal archive. It's worth a glance or two.

I draw particular attention, because these are the entries I've just finished reading, to porn vs. erotica and what writing attractiveness means - the latter actually has wider applications to writing pretty much anything ever.

Edit: Also, these four definitions are awesome.
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[ profile] lienne: on the other hand, when I go to a completely new place my brain tends to assign a completely arbitrary "north" and orient me according to that standard
[ profile] cazrolime: xD
[ profile] cazrolime: Mine does that too
[ profile] lienne: it's easy in Toronto because we have the lake and the CN Tower
Three guesses where that mention leads, and the first two don't count. )



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