May. 12th, 2012 07:57 pm
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Humorous anecdote time:

So I'm playing this video game called Arc the Lad. It's moderately surreal, the plot is kind of obvious, but I really like the combat mechanics. And every so often it takes a turn for the completely hilarious. (Some among you will remember the tale of Choco, but I think this one is actually even better.)

First, some background facts.

Every playable character has three equipment slots for "Accessories" that give them combat bonuses not directly related to their weapon (there are three more slots for "Weapon Parts" that do those).

Every playable character also has "Special Moves"/"Skills", essentially spells, which they execute by spending a set amount of "Spirit Stones" per skill. The catch: there's a hard limit on the number of Spirit Stones each character can carry into battle, and another hard limit on the number of Spirit Stones you can have in your party inventory. And they are both pretty small limits, enough that I run into them regularly when I have to use a lot of Skills without a chance to refuel.

This is annoying! Luckily, there is a solution. I just came across a repeatable quest whose reward is an Accessory that cuts the price of all Skills by a third. Fill a character's equipment slots with those, and they can throw their Skills around for free. Hooray! Spirit Stones are totally redundant as soon as I win this tournament about a dozen more times!

...now I just have to figure out a plausible in-character reason why every single member of my team, of whom three are male and one is a robot, goes into battle wearing three pairs of "Romantic Earrings" each. Well, hell, if they gave me infinite magic power I'd do it too.
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how did I live before the ability to arrange a post's tags in arbitrary order and create them in arbitrary quantity??

anyway no

what i'm here to talk about is my confusing emotional state

it is confusing, internet

so confusing

i love you, internet, i really do

i want to hug the whole world

i love everything and everyone

...except myself!

myself i kind of hate a lot.

and it's really weird and dissonant being so filled with love and goodwill towards all creatures and simultaneously having this bottomless pit of self-loathing trying to swallow me whole

i don't like it very much.

i would like to live in cuddletopia with the love and the imaginary hugs

not in despairville with the OH FUCK YOU RADIO ADS FOR MOTHER'S DAY PRESENTS

...oh yes and there's also the brief and inexplicable flares of irrational anger

those are a thing too

if this entry had a point, i probably haven't gotten to it, and it's long and weird and i should put it under a cut, and i have my glasses off so i can see neither the screen nor the keyboard right now, but fuck it all, i'm tired, i'm just gonna post this and go to bed.

*leans closer* oh hey no typos how cool is that


Mar. 30th, 2012 11:11 am
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So Tuesday morning, I managed to cut my hand on a banana. Yes, as in the fruit. The soft, squishy, entirely-the-opposite-of-sharp fruit.

As of today, the cut is STILL OBVIOUS - it didn't quite bleed, but it scabbed over, and there's this line of scabs marching up the side of my hand.

I feel like that banana deserves some kind of medal, although it will have to be awarded posthumously. XD
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a while ago I mentioned that according to my subconscious, the Joker likes Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, and The Police

since then I have heard some more stuff on the radio that made him perk up; here is the updated list:

  • Alice Cooper (School's Out)
  • Marilyn Manson (I still forget the specific songs)
  • The Police (Don't Stand So Close to Me)
  • Lawrence Gowan (A Criminal Mind)
  • Billy Joel (Piano Man)
  • Supertramp (School)
  • Loverboy (Lovin' Every Minute Of It)
  • Bon Jovi (Livin' on a Prayer)
  • Max Webster (Diamonds, Diamonds)
  • Eric Clapton (Layla)

...I'd ask if he's just fucking with me, but he's the Joker, so the fact that he's fucking with me is basically a given. But seriously, Billy Joel?
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Okay so, as many of you may be aware, I listen to the radio every night before I go to sleep. Quite often, because of timing, this means I'm listening to Dominik Diamond being odd. Also quite often, also because of timing, when the radio comes on he is hosting odd contests where people have to guess how many fingers he is holding up, or shout really loudly into the telephone, or similar.

One of these contests is called the Carrot Quiz.

The question on the Carrot Quiz is different every time, but the answer is always carrots.

And yet, every single time he does it, he manages to collect at least a good minute or two of audio clips from callers who have not observed this principle and are trying non-carrot answers. Every single time, he responds to these misguided folks with some variant of, "No, that is not the correct answer on the carrot quiz," always emphasizing "carrot" just a little. And yet it keeps happening! Are there just that many people every time who have never heard this before and can't figure it out from the name? Or do they just think that maybe this time it will be something that's not a carrot?

Hope springs eternal, I guess.

two things

Mar. 5th, 2012 08:49 pm
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one of them has sub-things

  1. I had a midterm a while ago and I got it back today. 43.5/44. Who's the man. *uses most arrogant icon I own*

  2. Initially, when designing the Joker's apartment, I figured he just doesn't listen to music. Totally not a thing. He has no music collection and nothing to play one with.

    Since then I've had several moments while listening to music myself where I briefly rethought that assumption. The artists who caused this:

    • Alice Cooper (School's Out)
    • Marilyn Manson (I forget the specific songs)
    • The Police (Don't Stand So Close to Me)

    I really don't know what that means. XD
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so somebody left something on the stove

and nothing caught fire

but it smoked like hell

our living room looked like one of those foggy mornings where you can barely see ten feet in front of you

and because of the way our place is laid out, my bedroom collected a lot of smoke which it is now reluctant to give up

so I'm just kinda... hanging out

with my door and window open

waiting for the air to clear so I can sleep
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I was woken up at 4:30 this morning by a middle-distance sound like someone knocking hesitantly on a door. It went on for a while, then stopped. I decided it probably didn't have anything to do with me, and tried to get back to sleep.

It started up again.

I went over to my front door and looked out the peephole. Nada.

Back to bed.

More knocking.

I'm like, c'mon. It's 4:30 AM on New Year's Day. Those of us who are not actually pulling all-nighters have got to be asleep by now. Can you not just save this for tomorrow? If somebody was locked out of the apartment directly above me, which I think may be the likeliest scenario, I blame whoever was inside not listening to them. If somebody in the apartment above me just decided that 4:30 AM was the perfect time to start idly tapping a hammer against the floor, then I hope their hammer catches fucking fire.

Grump grump.
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So I assume you've all heard about LJ's exciting new misfeature (here's a fixit link).

I have just discovered that not only did they break the site scheme comment layout, they have just reset everyone's journal to use it regardless of their previous setting!

Is this for real? Am I living in this world?

Account creation is open at DW - no invitation required until I think the end of the month. I've been importing RP journals all day. RPers who want to escape to where subject lines and icon selection still work might want to check out [community profile] panfandomsandbox and [community profile] mixed_muses.

Now excuse me, I'm going to go reenable custom comment pages on my layout.
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this shit is really quite incredibly fucked up.

short version: new LJ login cookie means users randomly get access to each other's accounts. so at any time a complete stranger could be reading your private entries, editing your profile, or replacing all your post content with pictures of dicks.

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The title of this post is an exact transcription of what I spluttered immediately on reading the last sentence of Robin McKinley's Pegasus.

If you are at all fond of closure and are thinking of reading that book, don't. It doesn't end; it stops. The last scene, the last sentence, the last word, just compounds the problems that have been mounting since the book started, none of them are ever resolved, and I am given to understand that Robin McKinley doesn't do sequels.
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Okay guys.

I saw X-Men: First Class.

It was an amazing movie in many ways and I loved it quite a lot!


spoiler )

Okay, I'm done.

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