Aug. 10th, 2011 06:30 pm
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About that last entry!

Short version: shit don't suck no more!

Long version: I did it. Everything worked. I got to explain some technical shit to the CEO of the company, who is fantastic. Now I get to go back to hacking code, which is what I'm good at.

And depression shit ).

...I think the above means that the answer to the question, "Is Pyth ready for a full-time job that lasts more than four months?" is "No."
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But the substance of my life is fucking depressing. I'm not in crisis or anything, at least I don't think so, I am just full of ugh and empty of motivation.

Here I am going to insert a cut for Talking About Depression Shit.

a cut )
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Trigger warning I guess; also, I feel it is important to say before I start writing the rest of this entry that I am in no danger, and you can stop worrying now.

A dramatic retelling of my thought processes. )

Really, I just need to pin down my sleep schedule and stick to it like a burr. And people wonder why I try not to screw around with my wakeup/sleep times. Fuck. If I wasn't going to bed within spitting distance of midnight and waking up within spitting distance of dawn, maybe I could get a better handle on this bullshit.



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