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That is not news.

News is: Pyth has pills to make her less of a crazy person. On Monday, Pyth got a prescription for new pills in addition to her old pills. The new pills are... I won't say working, but certainly the dull fog is starting to lift a little.

*dispenses celebratory cuddles all over the Internet*
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Y'know, it occurs to me that some people on my flist might have me friended because they actually care what goes on in my life.

To that end, things:

1. [ profile] cazrolime is back in England and I miss her. (yes it's been like three weeks shutup).

2. I have antidepressants! And a shrink who doesn't twitch or theorize baselessly! (Those of you who are late to this particular boat, rest assured this is a good thing.)

3. The Hundred Icons a Day Project has been back up and running since Caz left, although it's teetering on the edge of another hiatus because I exist in a perpetual state of exhaustion these days. (See #2. Oh, side effects, how I don't love you.)
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I have an appointment with a counselor-type person on Monday. She was very helpful to me last year. Let's hope she can be helpful again, yes? Yes.
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There's a three-month waitlist and a three-week one. I'm on both. This feels dangerously like an echo of last year, but hopefully I'll be able to deal with my crap more sensibly this time. A girl can dream.

Generally in a cheerful mood and feeling rather like I'm twelve years old again all of a sudden. Which. Good until it starts making me miss my mother, and then not so much with the cheerful. But it tends to cycle back up again, at least today, and that's a good thing.
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I'm getting off my ass and doing shit about my problems, finally. )

I'm not cutting this because I don't want anyone to miss it:

THANK YOU to all the people who have held my hand, been supportive, or just plain said nice things to me over the Internet. I couldn't have done it without you. I mean that. You've all been so great to me, even though I know I can be immensely frustrating. I love that I have such kind, generous, good-hearted friends. I do my best not to impose on any of you - and please, know that I won't think any less of any of you if you stop reading these posts or replying - but I hope I can continue to rely on your combined kindness, because it's what's kept me going through all my crap. Thanks. I mean it, guys.
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I slept eight-ish hours last night and ate breakfast this morning.

Didn't go to class, but... baby steps, eh?
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I've discovered that if I run around in not much more than a pair of shorts and a bra, the heat's pretty tolerable.

If only I'd been born a man, I could dispense with the bra and call this a respectable outfit.

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So I'm in residence now.

It's amazing the effect a little privacy has on making one's day better. My appetite is still minimal at best, and the allergies really aren't helping, but I have my own bedroom. I can watch porn without being afraid my father will walk in and... well, knowing my father, demand to borrow it and/or bitch that the women need to be skinnier. This is a plus!

The downside is, of course, that I have to go to class. And spend my days in sniffling agony because of the dust. And that the bathroom door belongs on a jail cell. But I think I can manage those, more or less.



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