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Ladies, gentlemen, and assorted vertebrates, I come before you today to sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend a Twilight fanfic.

No, I mean it.

It's called Luminosity. It's made me laugh my ass off, broken my heart, made me aww so hard the rain of wubbleyous lasted for days, and broken my heart again. It is actually genuinely glorious.

Premise: Bella Swan is thoughtful and self-aware.


Go have a look.
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Sometime in late afternoon I did something bad and my computer decided it was no longer capable of connecting to the Internet. Also the sound driver died so hard that the only noise my computer could make anymore was that really annoying monotone "you done wroooong" beep.

I backed up most of my data and reloaded my operating system.

Major losses: sundry graphic/video/audio editing software; my half-finished mediocre Minecraft retexture, which I can redraw much better anyway; my Psychonauts save that I hadn't touched in a dog's age.

Major gains: while my computer was lying senseless in its shallow grave, I made myself a circular knitting needle out of a broken CAT-5 cable and a couple of bits of plastic that were once part of sock hangers. Yes, I own socks so fearsome they came with their own little plastic hangers to hang them on the rack. I am now knitting a wubbleyou. Because I can, that's why.

So basically this interlude was a lesson in not fucking with things you don't completely understand. I'm still not sure just what I did, but it probably had something to do with my frantic efforts to scrape Internet Exploder off my system, which involved going through my autoruns list and blowing out everything IE-related that didn't look too vital. Evidently I miscalculated on that score.

Now I'm off to re-download cygwin and vi.



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