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Good depression day: "Why would anyone ever say the Bloody Mary curse in front of a mirror? If it doesn't work, nothing happens, and if it does work, you die."

Bad depression day: "Why isn't everybody throwing themselves into intrinsic field generators after Doctor Manhattan shows up? If it works, you get bitchin' superpowers, and if it doesn't work, you're just dead."
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It's also about Watchmen.

More generally, it's about attractive evil versus repulsive evil, also known as why Chainsaw (or Rorschach) is the good guy (at least conditionally) while Jasmine (or Ozymandias) is the one you (the "you" that means "I") want to stomp repeatedly in the face.

(It is not about my love of parentheticals, although it probably should be.)

It is the post I tried to make yesterday and failed because it was nine (ten eleven twelve) PM and I am easily distracted.

It is probably going to be quite long. )
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You know, with all the people talking about how it's twisted to identify with and admire Rorschach, I had to take a step back and ask myself why he doesn't bother me that much.

...I was going to write a whole post comparing him to Chainsaw, but I foolishly looked up "Heroic Sociopath" on TV Tropes in order to make a witty link about Rorschach's mental problems. Then I discovered that he's not actually that guy. Four hours later I have determined that he is in fact this guy (ETA: or maybe this one I swear I'll stop now), and completely forgotten my original point in the process.

Fuck TV Tropes.

*Okay, so it isn't anymore.
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Today, I read Watchmen.

Sense of reality still not recovered.

Maybe tomorrow Rorschach stops affecting my syntax, and Jon my perception of time.



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