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Coming out as genderqueer to Dad, round one: Total Noncomprehension

"So you're a lesbian now? You're not into guys anymore? Is that it?"

Round two: Bad Jokes

DAD: *standing in the doorway, preventing the door from being closed to maintain the temperature gradient between air-conditioned bedroom and hot, muggy apartment*
PYTH: Are you in or out?
DAD: Both! I'm doorqueer. I'm in and out.
PYTH: *eyeroll*

Round three: Still Doesn't Get It

Clothes shopping during which the words "but that's the men's section" are uttered. Subsequent long, irrelevant discussion of an intersex individual whose victory in a women's sporting event was challenged, during which all attempts to bring up the massive differences between sex and gender are met with the word "Whatever".

Round four: Desperate Measures

PYTH: Suppose for the sake of argument I was just straight-up transsexual. Would you support that?
DAD: What do you mean, support it?
PYTH: I mean would you not give me this much shit over it.
DAD: Do you want to be transsexual?

Round five: And Still, No Dice

DAD: So when are you a woman and when are you a man, then?
PYTH: Well, lately I've been feeling more masculine, but I think that's because people keep gendering me as strictly female and it kind of grates.
DAD: Maybe we should get you pink sheets.
PYTH: ...
DAD: And a nice, cuddly, pink teddybear.
PYTH: I might actually start stuffing socks down my pants at that point.
BOTH: *laugh*
NOTHING: *is resolved*


PYTH: I think if I had to put it as simply as possible, I'd say I resent being told I'm a woman in a way that means I cannot also be a man.

He didn't respond to that one. It's not like things are completely weird between us now, but I find it frustrating to have to explain this over and over again.
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So I'm in residence now.

It's amazing the effect a little privacy has on making one's day better. My appetite is still minimal at best, and the allergies really aren't helping, but I have my own bedroom. I can watch porn without being afraid my father will walk in and... well, knowing my father, demand to borrow it and/or bitch that the women need to be skinnier. This is a plus!

The downside is, of course, that I have to go to class. And spend my days in sniffling agony because of the dust. And that the bathroom door belongs on a jail cell. But I think I can manage those, more or less.



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