Sep. 18th, 2008 10:33 am
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Me: *walking to the kitchen for a snack, innocently* *catches sight of a vague dark shape out of the corner of my eye*


My Brain: ...*shuffles*... No, actually, someone just left their hat on the couch. Carry on.
Me: Why do I keep you? You're no use at all. If you douse me again, and I'm not on fire, I'm donating you to a city college.


Jan. 5th, 2008 06:59 am
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Okay, so.

I used to be able to nap for predetermined lengths of time with no trouble.

Now, apparently...

*cough* I go for a nap at ten in the evening and end up conking out and waking up again at two in the morning fresh as a daisy, only to feel like crashing again around seven AM.

Good goddamn. *sigh* And I was planning to use that time to RP!

Perhaps if I go to bed within the next half hour, all will be well.
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I don't know what the hell it is, but I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in... I can't remember how long. I just. Dammit, if I go to bed more than eight hours before my alarm's set, that should be enough, right? No, apparently not. I inevitably wake up early - like, by a few hours - and toss and turn and stuff until my alarm goes. Grr. I can barely type anymore - I'm trying to make icons for a few possible RP journals I might be making soon, and it's just. Not. Happening. BAH. And if I take a nap, I'll just fuck myself over further for getting a good night's sleep later today. >_< Dammit.

This ends today's totally nonproductive ranting.
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I dreamed I was a certain celebrity*'s... the only word I can think of here is lady-in-waiting. I lived in a room adjoining his and whenever he needed something I would provide it - and no. No, there was no sex. This was completely a business relationship. It was the weirdest job I've ever dreamed I had. I mean, for fuck's sake, I hung fabric on his walls when he had a nightmare and said he needed the world to be greener. Oh, and I started to get so helpful that his... secretary or publicity advisor or something, whose name was Pamela, quit in disgust saying that if I wanted her job so badly I could have it. O_o WTF, brain? (Also, in the dream, he was gay. I have no knowledge of the truth of this. But there you go.)

Then I dreamed about my mother. Specifically, that she was working at a huge shiny museum that I believe was based off the "Jeffersonian" from Bones, and that she was hugely proud of me for becoming that celebrity*'s... personal assistant, or whatever. Hey, it was actually a pretty rewarding job. I got to devote my life to making somebody happier, and was paid pretty handsomely for it, as I recall. I would love to do that in real life. Just... not in the housewife way, I don't think. With that kind of arrangement, involving sex can only lead to badness, at least with me. --But anyways. I'm really getting tired of my brain's tendency to throw shit like that my way. I suppose on some level I should be grateful I still dream about her, but honestly, waking up from one of those is the hardest thing I ever do. And nothing that makes me want to go back to sleep and stay that way forever can be a good thing. It just can't. :/

*Honestly, it shouldn't take any effort to figure this clever ruse out, if you know me. There's a limited number of celebrities I dream about and, from that pool, the ones where I'll admit to it are a shorter list yet. I just don't feel like splattering this poor person's name across my journal page. Nobody deserves to be Googled and have this come up as a result, though I hesitate to ponder what kind of additional search terms you'd need in order to get it.
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Seriously, that's... three times in the last month or two I've had dreams about a particular ex-friend of mine renewing contact with me. They're always nice, and happy, and reasonably plausible, and then I wake up and go "oh dammit, none of that is actually true." It makes me sad.
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I dreamed an ex-friend of mine and I patched things up. It was one of those dreams that seems to last for weeks, and he was exactly like he used to be before we had our big fight and stopped talking to each other.

I miss the guy.

At least I didn't dream about Mum. Those dreams are the hardest to wake up from.



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