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This post may not be terribly coherent and I'm about to tell you why -

New brain drugs (well, not really brain drugs, more drug drugs) supposed to help deal with my perpetual state of debilitating exhaustion.

Day 1: Noticeable massive boost in general energy levels, but cognitive energy still low. Huge trouble getting to sleep.

Day 2: Surprisingly okay despite being so low on sleep; nevertheless, tried skipping my light to see if it would help me get to sleep on time. It mostly didn't.

Day 3 (today): Groggy as fuck. Decided not to skip light. Groggy as fuck anyway, but I think I'm slowly coming out of it. As before, body energy is outpacing brain energy, but this time there's much less of either. I anticipate a day of not doing much. I will try my very best to go to bed very early. I wish people would not watch Netflix loudly in the living room while I'm trying to sleep.

Mostly I'm just hoping that today is a break in the pattern as opposed to a new, shittier stage of it. Maybe if I stay tired all day I'll actually be able to get to sleep at 10...
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List sixteen random things about yourself, then tag sixteen people to do the same.

Tagged by [ profile] bitter_crimson.

I'll tag anyone who wants to be; I'm bad at picking people to memetag.

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Okay so.

Went to the shrink today, and he suggested two things:

One, I should establish a weekly schedule of calling a friend up (I quietly substitute 'IMing a friend', because I hate telephones) and venting at them about life. So! Any volunteers to set aside a few minutes every week or so for me to rant at you in?

And two, I should get a hobby that isn't like anything I'm doing right now. Pursuant to that: what are your hobbies and pastimes, flist? It must be something that does not in any way involve sitting on my ass browsing the Internet, because I do enough of that already. And it has to be something I can do during a Toronto winter, so no "long walks on the beach" suggestions unless you mean the kind where you wear your winter coat. :D?



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