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some kind of horrible inertia i don't even know

c'mon self it's not going to be that bad

except now it will because you went and skipped two hours of the eight you should be getting to sleep in

(had a cold, don't have a cold anymore, going back to work now, stressed over things)
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this shit is really quite incredibly fucked up.

short version: new LJ login cookie means users randomly get access to each other's accounts. so at any time a complete stranger could be reading your private entries, editing your profile, or replacing all your post content with pictures of dicks.

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The title of this post is an exact transcription of what I spluttered immediately on reading the last sentence of Robin McKinley's Pegasus.

If you are at all fond of closure and are thinking of reading that book, don't. It doesn't end; it stops. The last scene, the last sentence, the last word, just compounds the problems that have been mounting since the book started, none of them are ever resolved, and I am given to understand that Robin McKinley doesn't do sequels.
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I... have a job?

Interview happened at ten in the morning. Email with a job offer happened at quarter after four in the afternoon. They move fast in this place!

It's a tiny startup company that's doing really fascinating shit with file systems. I am excited as hell. And inexplicably not terrified! HERE'S HOPING THAT CONTINUES.

omg you guys.
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But holy shit, you guys, it worked.

(#MooreandMe post. May contain triggery material in post or comments—I can't keep the full details in my head right now because my thoughtpole count is still a little screwed.)


Sep. 29th, 2010 10:42 pm
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Guys guys guys GUYS


there is this fic

actually there are three fics

they are for the BBC Sherlock

and they have reduced me to nothing but exclamation marks

seriously, look at me, I am not actually made of human parts anymore, there is just ! for flesh and ! for hair and ! for bone and ! for blood

would you like to read these fics?

you would!

well here they are.



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