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Pyth: it is over

Alicorn: welcome back
in the intervening fifty years, pandas have gone extinct except in the domesticated pocket size version

Pyth: i love you

Alicorn: here is your complementary pocket panda
everybody has them now
it is the done thing

Pyth: eeeeee

Alicorn: *complimentary

Pyth: I WAS JUST GOING TO SAY you better fucking have a pocket panda for me
/takes pocket panda

Alicorn: you must name it

Pyth: hmmm
i name it
foofle the pocket panda.
hello foofle! who is the cutest pocket panda? is it you? i think it's you!
i will feed you tiny eucalyptus!
or no

Alicorn: you are confusing him with a koala

Pyth: i forget what pandas eat

Alicorn: bamboo

Pyth: "bearlike creatures with absurdly restricted vegetarian diets"
is a category with too many things in it

Alicorn: two! two bearlike creatures with absurdly restricted vegetarian diets! ah-ah-ah.

Pyth: foofle can have tiny bamboo
you are adorable

Alicorn: ^^

Pyth: you are more adorable than my pocket panda

Alicorn: wow
high praise
those things can fit in the palm of your hand

Pyth: i know, i am cuddling foofle right now
foofle is a tiny darling
but you are cuter than foofle

Alicorn: ^^

Pyth: i have a pocket panda sitting on my head.
it is small and round and warm.

Alicorn: that is a correct configuration for you and a pocket panda.

Pyth: :D
plop! he fell off onto my knee and now he is looking at me accusingly
/pets him

Alicorn: awwwww

Pyth: aren't you glad you invented pocket pandas

Alicorn: very so

Pyth: :D

Pyth: /rolls into your lap
/becomes a pocket panda

Alicorn: awww
I will name you kappa

Pyth: :D
will you feed me tiny bamboo?

Alicorn: yes.

Pyth: can i cling to your hand with my tiny paws

Alicorn: of course you may.

Pyth: :D
this was a good decision
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